Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Warrington Wolves success can be a blueprint for other businesses

THE rise of Warrington Wolves, both as a sporting team and as a business entity has been quite dramatic over that last decade or so.
Their consistency on the pitch, coupled with investment in infrastructure has ensured that they have the appeal and through the Halliwell Jones Stadium the capacity, to draw and cater for an extensive fan-base.

A blueprint for rugby league facilities the creation of the stadium, despite any nostalgic feelings around moving from Wilderspool, represents the intent to grow the biggest club possible.

A shift from terraces to seating, the addition of added on-site leisure facilities, parking and good accessibility makes for a better crowd experience and so a stronger family appeal. The “From Wire 2 Wolves” display and DVD captures a huge shift in the operations, cultural context and business model of this historic entity.

The 130 year plus history of the club is a triumph, as few businesses manage to survive through so many ups and downs over such a period. It is the loyalty of the supporters which has ensured continuity. All businesses should learn from this lesson; build a brand that enough people love and the future should be assured.

Professor Lawrence Bellamy is Associate Dean at Warrington School of Management, University of Chester (Padgate Campus)